Action Planning

What it is

The difference between tactics and strategy is the difference between action planning and strategic planning. Action planning is shorter-term planning of an event, project, or program for which there is already some direction and consensus. Action planning clarifies goals and tasks and aligns them with the capabilities and resources of the group. Action planning is valuable because not only does it build excitement and buy-in, it also outlines clear tasks, assignments, and timelines.

When you need it

Action planning sets up an organization for success because it clarifies directions, designates resources, assigns responsibilities, and builds trust and support. An organization should consider action planning when:

  • Planning an event, conference, workshop, or community gathering.
  • Creating a new program or revitalizing a stalled program.
  • Initiating a funding or publicity campaign.
  • Moving from strategic planning to strategic DOING.

How we can help

Even when people know their goal, they can still become lost in the proces of keeping everything on track. Centerpoint consultants guide clients through the complexities and inter-relationships of implementing activities that lead to goal achievement. We work with cross-functional teams to organize and coordinate action plans that have clear accountabilities.