Executive Coaching

What it is

Executive coaching consists of private, confidential conversations in which the executive meets with the Centerpoint coach regularly, face-to-face or via telephone, to discuss the executive’s work with the board, help him/her set and achieve goals, and offer counsel as he/she works to guide the board to a higher level of performance.

When you need it

Executive Directors have few good options of people to turn to when they need to discuss the inner workings of their relationship with their board and board president. They could talk with their COO or other top level staff member, but these people are not usually knowledgeable about governance best practices and conversations quickly can become gripe sessions. There is also a risk that topics discussed will not remain confidential. The exec could talk with other nonprofit CEOs, but those people have their own board issues and a perspective that may be limited to their own organization. Executives need a coach when:

  • Their education and experience do not include nonprofit governance.
  • There is a significant difference between what the board wants the exec to do and what the exec thinks he/she should do.
  • They need a thought partner who is an expert in nonprofit governance and independent from the organization.
  • Their knowledge and expertise are concentrated in their organization’s service area (early education, homelessness, arts and culture, etc.) not nonprofit governance.

How we can help

We are good listeners and quick to understand nonprofit dynamics. As consultants, we have been “inside” over 170 nonprofit organizations. We are able to help clients understand how boards OUGHT to work and how they can increase their effectiveness in working with the board. We are able to help executives develop approaches to working through difficult periods.