Professional Development

What it is

Centerpoint’s professional development workshops, seminars, and training sessions are facilitated learning opportunities designed to help people in organizations gain knowledge and skills needed to improve their ability to serve the organization’s mission, members, and clients.

When you need it

Professional development sessions are needed in any organization that wants to continuously improve its performance. Sometimes there is an incident that reveals critical weaknesses but more often professional development is needed when an organization wants to:

  • Increase staff or board understanding of a particular issue or aspect of organizational life.
  • Motivate or empower board, staff, or cross-functional teams.
  • Improve a function or skill.
  • Groom staff for future responsibilities.

How we can help

Centerpoint consultants have taught workshops  on topics that include fund development, volunteer management, volunteers’ values and lifestyles, strategic planning, effective meetings, board best practices, and marketing. We develop and customize professional development sessions that meet clients’ needs.