Event Planning

What it is

Whether your event is a conference, meeting, retreat, or fundraiser it is important to allocate time and resources to thorough planning. Elements of thoughtful event planning can include program design, contract negotiation, participant registration, donor invitations, live and/or silent auction preparation, sponsorship securing sponsorships, facilitation, evaluation, and more. 

When you need it

Organizations engage Centerpoint to support their event planning needs when:

  • Staff and/or volunteers are not able to dedicate sufficient time to thoughtfully plan and implement the event.
  • There is disagreement about how to plan and implement the event.
  • Staff and/or board members’ time is more wisely spent on the relationship-intensive portions of the event, such as securing sponsorships, donations, or live/silent auction items than on other event details. 
  • The event is new or significantly changed so the organization cannot “just do it like they did it last year.”
  • The event is a one-time effort that can best be coordinated by temporary support rather than by hiring a new person or over-loading existing staff.

How we can help

Centerpoint is known for attention to detail, creative thinking, troubleshooting, and timelines. Our work makes clients look good and enables them to actually enjoy their event.