What it is

To "facilitate" is to make something easier for others. Centerpoint makes all kinds of nonprofit conversations easier and more productive, especially those needed at times of extraordinary change. We free organizational leaders from the task of managing and guiding important meetings so they can actually participate. It’s disingenuous to think that someone closely involved with an issue does not steer the discussion and decision-making toward their personal views. Participants are more likely to trust the outcome if an expert third-party facilitates.

When you need it

Organizations invest in facilitation services when:

  • Major decisions are on the table.
  • Participants have conflicting views.
  • People in the organization who  conduct routine meetings need to be free of facilitation duties for critical-issue meetings so they can fully participate in the discussion.
  • Time is limited.
  • An intentional process is needed to structure outcomes (i.e. strategic planning, project planning, event planning, conflict resolution, etc.).

How we can help

Centerpoint consultants have facilitated over 140 meetings and conferences varying in size from 10 to 250 participants. We are trained in the use of nine structured group facilitation methods** and skilled with many other facilitation tools. Further, we are experienced and creative designers of custom applications.


Appreciative Inquiry

Future Search

Nominal Group Technique

Open Space Technology


Technology of Participation

Participatory Strategic Planning

Action Planning

Consensus Workshop

Focused Conversation