What it is

Mediation is an informal, flexible process that uses a neutral third party to help people resolve intractable issues. Mediation enables the parties themselves to craft solutions that they are willing and able to implement.

When you need it

Mediation is needed in situations where two or more parties strongly disagree about a situation they are involved with. Each thinks the other has stopped being reasonable and seems to be intent on doing as much damage as they can. Angry outbursts or silent stone-walling replace productive communication. Examples of mediation situations include:

  • Factual disputes.
  • Procedural matters.
  • Relationship and communication problems.
  • Values-based issues.

How we can help

Amazingly enough, a mediator often can resolve disputes in a matter of hours by guiding the parties to craft an agreement in which all are winners. In order to understand the nuances of a dispute, we talk with the parties privately in advance of the mediation session. We use an interest-based approach that offers parties a structure to work through the conflict systematically. We help people reach their own agreement; we do not judge or dictate outcomes. Instead, we try to improve things for the future.