What it is

Research is a broad term that includes many kinds of investigations into or study of topics that organizations need to know about. The project might be a needs assessment, review of literature or research related to a subject of interest, a set of focus group or individual interviews, a marketing survey or satisfaction survey, study of facility usage, etc.

When you need it

Organizations need research when they want to make decisions based on systematic inquiry rather than guess-work. Research opportunities include:

  • Considering whether to add a new program or service or drop an existing program or service.
  • Understanding the views of clients, members, or other stakeholders.
  • Merger with another organization.
  • Policy change that will affect a large number of stakeholders.
  • Needs assessments.
  • Curiosity about what the competition is doing.

How we can help

Centerpoint consultants have the band-width and expertise to formulate and carry out investigations into many topics of interest to nonprofits. Engaging Centerpoint for a specific research task makes a lot of sense because staff time is usually in short supply, staff members may not have the expertise needed, and/or volunteers may have expertise but not the extra time required. We meet with clients at the outset of a project and frequently during the project to be certain it stays on track with the client’s needs. Our reports are well-written and thoroughly documented.