Strategic Planning

What it is

Strategic planning is a widely-used type of planning that produces decisions thought to be crucial for the future of the organization – initiatives that are not business-as-usual. Over a set period of time, usually around 2-3 years, these priorities guide the work of both board and staff. This type of planning relies on judgments about an organization’s internal and external operating environments. It is future-focused. The literature is full of research, examples, and quotations that say, basically, that if you know where you want to go you are more likely to get there.

When  you need it

Regularly! Such as every three years or on some repeating basis that fits the culture and environment of the organization. We recommend synchronizing planning with the cycle of board president elections during the year that the president-elect is named. In this way, the incoming president has a vibrant, up-to-date plan and clear direction to guide his/her term of office. If presidents serve more than one term, planning still should occur on the established cycle as if a new person were being elected.

Strategic plans are needed to:

  • Get board and staff on the same path and using the same map to navigate to an agreed-upon destination.
  • Sharpen focus on goals.
  • Increase accountability.
  • Renew commitment and energy.
  • To strengthen case statements.
  • Develop grant proposals.

How we can help

Centerpoint consultants are expert facilitators of strategic planning processes. Our knowledge of different planning models means that we can design a process tailored for your organization’s culture, style, and budget. We have the experience to guide your process from environmental scanning and mission revision to the planning retreat and follow through. There are many approaches ranging from elaborate to simple, formal to informal, long to short, expensive to inexpensive, and even painful to fun. Our strategic planning services are flexible and customized to each client’s unique situation.