Board Governance and Coaching

What it is

While no one “owns” a nonprofit organization, nonprofit boards are protectors of the public trust and must exercise certain responsibilities to keep that trust. Centerpoint’s board development services help boards understand and exercise those obligations.

When you need it

Board development is needed both by organizations performing at a high level as well as those in the doldrums. It’s wise to reach out for board development help when at critical turning points such as a founder or CEO transition, a merger, or when:

  • The balance of power between the board and the executive is not understood or not respected.
  • The board needs to take responsibility for fund raising.
  • No one knows where the bylaws are or what they say.
  • The board is not diverse.
  • Nominating people for board service is a matter of choosing friends or choosing people to continue serving after their term limit has been reached.
  • The board is so entrenched that it is unwilling to consider improving its practices.
  • Organizations have merged and the new, merged board needs to get off to a good start.
  • Areas for improvement have been identified through a board assessment.

How we can help

Turn to Centerpoint for infusing best practices into annual board training, improving nomination practices, or helping the board understand its responsibilities. Our governance seminars are listed here; all are customizable for special applications.

Further, since the need is ongoing -- yes, as in every meeting -- Centerpoint will help you develop methods that you can use without ongoing support. Alternatively, we can serve episodically as a board coach – observing meetings and conducting brief coaching sessions at teachable moments.